How You Can Help

The Community Music School is known for offering excellent and affordable music opportunities in Santa Cruz County for over twenty years, and we strive to keep music education accessible to students of all ages, even as music education in public schools is dwindling. You can help us continue our programs by sending us a tax-deductible donation. All financial donations are welcome, large or small, and every bit helps keep us going. Your support helps us continue to offer affordable programs to the community, produce our free newsletter, and keep the website and referral service running.

Donations of instruments are also very useful to the School (especially harps at this point). Our Music Match program accepts donated instruments of playable quality and loans them to music students all over the county. We often accept small instruments like flutes, trumpets, violins, cellos and guitars, and larger instruments like pianos and harpsichords are denifinitely appreciated although special arrangements must be made because of their size. Please call us if you have an instrument to donate that is in good condition.

Please send financial donations via check or money order to the address below, or use our PayPal button. Thanks!